The Ghost Ride

April 7, 2014 at 8:51 pm

Fergal passed this pic onto me two summers ago,  and to be honest i haven’t thought of it till now, finally i felt like expressing how it makes me feel.

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 18.44.15

whilst Ferg was on a trip to france he bumped into the same photographer which took this shot,   its me at Mullaghmore fours years ago,  I was towed by Ferg into the wave.

I was far from the first guy to be towed into waves at Mully,  but you would be lucky to have another crew out back then , you have 20  teams these days! thats one of the many reasons i pick my swells to hit up there. Anyways, with just the two of us along with mates Rusty Long and Derek Dunfee, we towed into some real crazy waves that epic swell.

I was first on the rope as usual,  and Ferg got me the best tow wave of my life,pictured above. After that ride i didn’t surf for the rest of the day.In fact i didn’t feel like surfing for months following. I did however want to return the favor to Fergal by towing into the deepest tow tube I’ve ever seen in Ireland, even to this day!  again it was all kept underground, as we had no filmier for evidence of the ride. Are own fault i know, but it was always just the three of us, Fergal,Mickey and i.

latter that session the Billabong adventure devision turned up, this shot was from there crew, like i said.  My main point is that the shot didn’t turn up till it was to late to enter into XXL.  And no footage to this date has turned up?  I think the photographer which took this pic actually didn’t send it anywhere out of respect to Mickey, its an unwritten rule as such, not to move in on the other photogs surfer. The picture had it been sent into Billabong XXL wouldn’t have probably placed anywhere.You need video for ride of the year. thats what Rusty and Derek thought it was.

Brother Mickey Smith’s angle did make for a nice photo, but thanks to the guys who took this image driving the ski in Mics way,  he didn’t get the angle he wanted,  missing him the full sequence as the wave threw out its biggest tube. These things happen, no hard feelings were felt.

On the search for some footage of my big bomb i emailed friend Eric Ribiere, a surfer with the Billabong team that day,  but nothing came of it.  the guys had filmier’s with them so i just didn’t get it,  Sancho got an XXL runner up this day, for ride of the year, boosting his profile heaps, along with his wallet. I was a little bummed not be getting my big break in my surfing career,  but hey I’ve never been on a mission for that stuff anyways.   Sancho and Eric charged as always that day, my weird vibes are nothing to do with them.  But imagine how they would have felt had they had the same ride with no footage!

By know you know fame isn’t my motivation,  but who doesn’t want to see themselves get the wave of there life on film?   and when you have Rusty and Derek freaking out on me,  saying this is ride of the year!   get the footage!  it gets you thinking…

I got a double page in Carve mag in the end, and am thankful of it. But for a double section tube on a 20fter at Mullaghmore these days would have been big news,  Got me cash and sponsors maybe!

But, as always the main thing is that i have the ride in my head and heart, thats what matters most.








March 25, 2014 at 12:23 pm

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Janni and i at last weeks protest against oil drilling in Canaries.